Up-cycled Christmas Decorations

November was an extremely busy month with preparation for house guest and the Thanksgiving holiday.

Even though I have not had a lot of time for crafting I have managed to make a few Christmas decorations. I have also successfully made a Christmas stocking for each of my family members.

When possible I prefer to up-cycle materials, creating something new and different from items and materials of little or no value. Many of the materials I use are items that would normally be thrown into the recycle bin and/or materials given to me by others (i.e., fabric, yarn…).

A couple of the up-cycled decorations I have finished for my old fashioned Christmas are as follows:

– Beads for Christmas tree garland

– Little winter hats Christmas tree ornaments

Winter Hats decorations made from plastic bags

How I made the Beads and materials used:

A couple of years ago someone gave me a box full of cheap bead necklaces of different colors, designs and styles.

Box full of cheap but colorful beaded necklaces


These beads are cheap and were a little challenging to work with. I cut each necklace to create a little sting of beads. I then had to drill a small hole through each of the end beads of each little string. After I had all the little beads strings drilled I used thin wire to connect each small string together to make one long sting, making a wire loop on either end of the long string to easily attach to the tree.

I still have a lot of these cheap beaded necklaces and look forward to seeing what else I can create with them.

How I made the little winter hats:

The materials used for these little hats include a toilet paper cardboard tube and plastic bags. The white hat was made using plastic grocery bags and the colorful hat was made using plastic bread bags. Cut the toilet paper cardboard tube into ½” to ¾” wide circles and cut the plastic bags into strips about 1/2 “ wide. I then folded the strips in half inserting the loop end through the cardboard circle and then looped the two open ends of the strips through the looped end of the plastic. Pull this tight and continue this step until the tube circle is full of the plastic. Gather the plastic strips to create a ball (pompom) on the top of the hat, tie off with yarn and then trim the ball to make it look like a pompom. The last thing to be done is to create some sort of loop hanger. These can be used as Christmas tree decorations, as a gift decoration, to create a garland or any other idea one might come up with.

Currently I am working on some other decorations and hope to share those with you soon.

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