Two Important Steps I Need for Setting Challenges

Setting SMART Goals

I have started working on a list of some of the positive changes I want to challenge myself with this year, which is a challenge in itself.

I know that whatever goals I set for myself need to accomplish two things

Improve my inner self

I know if I feel better about myself mentally this will flow over to my outer self. I will feel better mentally, emotionally and physically, which in turn will create a more positive outlook on life.

If we do not like or love ourselves we cannot really like or love others the way we should.

Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals

If the challenges are too far reaching then I will set myself up for failure. The challenges I will be setting are baby steps that should ideally build on each other. For example, my challenge for this week is drink at least 60 ounces of water daily. I will continue to do this and hopefully increase (over time) my daily water intake.

The weekly challenges I am setting may seem small and insufficient to others, but I have let myself go so far down a dark path that baby steps for me are challenging.

If the challenges I set each week are what you need to improve you own feelings of self-worth than let’s do this together.

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