The Root Ball of the Problem

One of the first things I do every morning is spend time with God and it was during this time a few months ago that I was lead to create the lists I wrote about in the post, “Silly Exercise Sparks Change.” On this particular morning I just felt finished. I remembered a post that I saw on social media regarding depression. It read something like “depression is living in a body that fights to survive with a mind that tries to die” ( That is how I felt and I was ready to just give up (pretty selfish I know).

It was during pray time on this particular morning that I quit fighting with myself and I asked God to heal my soul. Little did I know that it would start immediately with the two lists (likes and dislikes) and even though it took me a few weeks to find a couple of likes to put on the list, it was during this time that I started the healing process. I believe this is because I had to really look deep down inside of my soul (in search of something I liked about myself) and was able to get to the root ball of the problem. I call it the root ball because I know it has branched off in countless directions. The root ball being, I do not like myself and because of this it has impacted every area of my life.

I am already seeing positive changes in my thinking, feeling and doing. I am beginning to see sparks of joy again and learning how to trust. I will cover more about these in upcoming posts. It amazing how such a small step has started to turn me in the right direction. I have a long way to go, but I know that if I continue to take it one step at a time that one day I will arrive.

This is what is working for me; I urge you to find what works for you and let’s take this journey to loving-self together.

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