Stop Focusing on what you Don’t Have

I have been even more down in the back than usual for the past couple of weeks. Unfortunately my inability to get around has caused me to get “into my head” way too much. Needless to say, this has caused me to be extremely depressed.

I know that one’s mood; attitude… is a direct reflection on what one is focused on, I also know that I need to think about what I am thinking about and shift my thinking into a more positive direction. I know what to do, so why am I not doing it?

Knowing something and doing it are two different things and I am not sure why I struggle so much with the “doing” part. Honestly I think I spend too much of my time focusing on what I do not have verses focusing on what I do have.

I have spent the past few years too focused on what I can no longer do because of my back and issues related to this problem. When I should be more focused on what I can do and so many other things that God has blessed me with.

My exercise for the next seven days is to list and think about what I do have (can do) verses what I do not have or can no longer do.

Today’s list is as follows:

  • I may not be able to take the long walks I used to enjoy but I can still walk.
  • It may take me 50% longer to get stuff done (around the house, shopping…) but I can still do most of them.
  • My inability to be up and doing all the time has caused me to spend more time exploring other options for self-growth (i.e., my online business).

I know, and I need to start focusing on, that I am walking through this (no pun intended) for a reason and I believe with all my heart that God will turn what seems like something bad into an amazing blessing.

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