Review of Week 6 Challenge

The challenge for this week was to start drawing and painting again, or whatever activity that brings you joy.

I forgot just how much I enjoyed both drawing and painting. This week I started a color pencil drawing, I still have a ways to go before it is completed. I also have done some painting, not on canvas I still have not pulled out the oils, but instead I have hand painted on mosaic glass gems.

I really enjoy painting the glass stones. In the past I have made pendants and key chains with these glass gems. I still have not tried to do wire wrapped jewelry with them but hope to try this soon.

Because there are so many ways to use these stones in crafting projects and jewelry making and because I enjoy painting them so much, I plan to start selling them in my Etsy Shop at:

Above an below are a few pictures of the gem stones I painted this week. Three (3) have floral designs and three (3) are of cat/dragon or other creature eyes.

Once I have finished the drawing I am currently working on I will also share that here as well.

On another note; my surgery is scheduled for next Wednesday the 14th, but I do still plan to introduce yet another challenge next week.

Hopefully after the surgery I will be able to start challenging myself with more physical activities. I hope and pray that I will be able to walk without intense pain after the surgery.

Please keep me in your prayers.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Comments, suggestions… always welcome

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