Review of Week 4 Challenge

This week’s challenge of speaking the work of God, out loud, as it pertains to life situations will certainly take time and practice before becoming a natural habit.

There have been several instances this past week where I have had knee-jerk reactions to situations and only afterwards was reminded to speak the word of God instead. This challenge, just like all of the previous ones will take time before becoming a habit, a way of life.

Tuesday of this week was a trying day, I am not sure why, but I really struggled on this particular day. I did not drink enough water; I smoked too many cigarettes and found myself eating everything in sight. In the past I would have let this failure cause me to just give up, but not anymore. Yes, I had a bad day on Tuesday but I will not let that define me. By Wednesday I was back on track with all the challenges.

Overall, I feel good about not letting one day of failure keep me from moving forward.


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