Review of Week 3 Challenge

This week’s challenge was to reduce the number of cigarettes I smoke daily down to fifteen (that is down about half). Overall this past week has gone well. Some days have been more challenging than others but I have not exceeded the 15 per day. Eventually I hope to decrease the number of cigarettes down until I no longer smoke at all.

As mentioned in my week 3 challenge post, I have quit before and always started back. What I have learned from my past failures is that the physiological addiction is much harder to overcome than the physical addiction. Right now I am trying to recondition the physiological part of the addiction. By slowly decreasing the number of cigarettes per day and when I smoke them (i.e., when driving, after a meal…). I know that I definitely need to quit this self-destructive behavior!

There have been days this past week that I have struggled, but I have overcome these struggles. I have asked God a lot this past week to give me the strength and determination I need and He has been faithful.

Update – Regarding the medical test results, I have Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) and will have surgery in February to have two stints put into the major arteries in my legs. The artery in the left leg is blocked and the right one has a 50% blockage. This should allow me to walk again – pain free. I thank God for giving the doctors insight and for giving me a second chance. I will never take walking for granted again.

One of the major causes of PAD is smoking – a good motivator to quit this nasty habit.

I am excited and looking forward to getting my mobility back. I will keep you informed as I go through this journey.


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