Please Pass the Fickle

Imagine a table set before you filled to overflowing with all kinds of choices. When you eat from these something happens in a place known as you. Maybe you ate some positive self-worth, self-love or inner joy or maybe you chose the item I choose most often.  As much as I crave the positive choices I seem to always choose fickle.

The definition of fickle is; deceitful, inconstant, marked by lack of steadfastness… (Merriam-Webster’s). The word that stands out and best describes me is deceitful. Am I a liar? Yes! Who do I lie to? Myself! Countless times over the years I have put together “action plans” for self-improvement. And countless times I have found myself, even if I start out in the right direction, right back where I started. Why? Lack of accountability!

If I am the only one holding myself accountable it is easy for me to blame others, blame circumstances…(the blame game will be discussed in a later post). Granted, it is up to me to hold myself accountable for my inner well-being, which is what this blog is about, finding what works best for me and that happens to be holding myself accountable to those reading and/or following my blog.

Please pass the fickle. Do you find yourself choosing fickle over and over again? If this is you, keep searching until you find what works best for your own self-accountability.

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  1. It is easier to over look our short comings and be critical of others. I do this quite often because I am afraid to face my inter self.

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