My Part in the Healing Process

I forgot to post an update in the week 3 challenge post. I lost one (1) pound last week. This lose might not seem like much but to me it reaffirms that I am heading in the right direction.

I know that drinking plenty of water and eating healthier are key to weight loss and better health overall. However, another important step in weight loss is to exercise, something I hope to be able to start soon.

I have another doctor’s appointment this Thursday to review the test results. I hope and pray that whatever is going on with me has a name (diagnosis) and can be fixed or at the very least improved. I so want to be able to walk and move without the intense pain. I have been praying for healing and once I am healed I will never again take walking for granted.

This past week I also enjoyed working on some sewing projects. I made some cloth napkins that I really like for a couple of reasons. I really like the idea of saving money, paper napkins and/or paper towels are costly and using cloth napkins have less environmental impact.

To make the napkins I used some material that my daughter-in-law gave me, cut in 12 ½ “x 12 ½” squares. The finished napkins are 12”x12”. These are perfect for home use. I have completed twelve napkins but would like to make several more.

Words cannot describe how good it feels to want to do stuff again verses having to make myself. Each of these weekly challenges are slowly changing me from the inside out, giving me a more positive outlook on life. I consider these challenges to be my part in the healing process. I know that God will do his part if I do mine.


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