Undressing My Soul

The fear is overwhelming as I find myself standing before an audience of hundreds maybe even thousands. I am preparing to slowly, layer by layer, undress my soul. I can feel the dread rising inside and yet at the same time it is mixed with excitement as I ready myself to face the enemies that live in my mind and to heal my injured soul.

Self-doubt, insecurities, lack of confidence, lack of self-worth and many other enemies fill my mind daily. I am tired of running, tired of hiding, tired of suffering silently and most of all tired of my self-destructive thoughts poisoning my relationships with self and others.

I know that the real me is in here somewhere and I will continue to work through each painful layer until I find the person I am supposed to be not the one I became.

I know I have many battles ahead, some I will win and some I will lose. My goal is to win the war no matter how hard or how long it takes. My hopes are that by sharing my daily battles with others that those who also suffer from the same self-destructive thought processes will discover that healing is possible.

Are you ready to journey with me on the road to recovery and a life filled with self-acceptance and self-love?