I am in my early fifties and still find myself in a constant battle with depression, lack of confidence and an overall lack of self-worth. On the surface I may appear to others to be happy and well balanced but nothing could be so far from the truth. I am tired of running from myself and have decided that it is time to open up and become vulnerable and face my internal demons. In the process I hope to heal, find inner peace, joy, happiness and most of all self-acceptance and self-love.

In the Everyday Blog we will explore my daily struggles, failures, fears, and successes. Answering questions like; how did I get here, what drives my thoughts and what can I do to make a permanent positive change. In time hopefully I will learn that I am not alone in this battle, that I will be able to toss away my insecurities, learn to live in the moment, forgive my short-falls and most of all to love myself.

My hopes are that as we journey together that we may also gain a better understanding of what we see on the outside of a person is not necessarily what is happening on the inside. That others going through the same sort of battles might discover that they are not alone, that many people struggle internally. Maybe together we can conquer our biggest critic, ourselves.

To open up and make oneself vulnerable is frightening, but sometimes the right or best thing to do is not always the easiest.  Sometimes we just need to learn to do it afraid. (Enjoying Everyday Life, pg. 4 Introduction)

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Enjoying Everyday Life Winter 2017. Joyce Meyer Ministry. Pg. 4 Introduction.