2018 Week 6 Challenge 6

Color Pencil Drawing by me of American Beauty Bush

What are you passionate about? Even though this may seem like an easy question, for me it is a difficult one to answer.

6th Challenge

Start drawing and painting again – Rekindle something I am passionate about.

One of the things that I am passionate about is drawing and painting, this may not what you are passionate about but I want to encourage you to find and start doing that activity that you are passionate about, something that brings you joy.

Once upon a time I used to really love to draw and paint. I am not the greatest artist but drawing and painting was a happy place for me to visit on a regular basis.

There are so many times that I think to myself that I should draw something and yet never pick up a pencil. The desire to draw and paint has started to rekindle, a good sign. So even if all I do is a little doodling (which often leads to inspiration) I am going to start drawing and painting again.

For me drawing and painting is an escape to a happy place that fills me with joy. I am not sure why I quit this activity. I guess I let the depression consume me.

I will say it again; this is yet another small step in a positive direction. I have a long ways to go but each small step (challenge) is one in the right direction.

Whatever it is that brings you joy, challenge yourself to spend time doing that activity.

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