2018 Week 5 Challenge 5

5th Challenge

Brush and floss/water pic teeth nightly – This week’s challenge is to start taking better care of my teeth.

I do brush my teeth every morning, but only sometimes at night, and I certainly do not floss or use the water pic on a daily basis like I should.

As simple as this challenge may seem, I still do not take care of my teeth the way I should. I am not sure why, I really like the feeling of a super clean mouth when I turn in for the night.

This, like all the previous challenges may seem like such small steps and they are, but they are steps in the right direction. I have learned from past experience that when I set my expectations too high, I am setting myself up for failure. I believe that small changes, over time, will make a big difference.

None of the previous challenges have become a habit yet; I still have to make a conscience effort to practice all of them. I will continue to do so until they become a part of my everyday lifestyle.

Practice makes perfect – right!

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P.S. My post on January 10th, “Using Talents for Others – How do I Start?” I am still trying to research different organizations to donate my time/talents to, I really want to reach out and help others. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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