2018 Week 3 – Challenge 3

This week I will continue with the weeks one (1) and two (2) challenges as I continue to build on positive habit/lifestyle changes.

3rd Challenge

Smoke fewer cigarettes – no more than 15 cigarettes daily, I know I should quit smoking altogether, that certainly is my long-term goal.

I started smoking when I was a young girl, about the age of fourteen. At first I only smoked a few cigarettes a day, however over time the number of cigarettes per day has continued to increase. I smoke between a pack and a pack and a half each day. This is 20 – 30 cigarettes per day (usually the latter) – Wow, really sucks.

This week’s challenge is to smoke no more than 15 per day. I realize that this still sounds like a lot, and it is, but I want to slowly decrease the number of cigarettes per day until I no longer smoke at all.

In the past I have tried to quit cold turkey and I have tried using quit smoking aids. I have successful quit for a few months a couple of times but always start back.

For me the physiological addiction is much harder to deal with than the physical addition (nicotine addiction).  My hopes are that as I slowly decrease the number of cigarettes I smoke each day I will reprogram the physiological aspect.

It may take several weeks for me to adjust to the decrease in cigarettes but once I have done so, I will set a new challenge to smoke even fewer each day.

I am not sure if this approach will work for me but there is no harm in trying. I really hate this addiction!

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