Childlike Excitement about Christmas

I can remember being a child and having daydreams about Christmas. I would dream about how wonderful it would be to have a Christmas tree filled with lights and decorations, stockings hung on the wall, the smell of Christmas cookies and candies in the air and the sound of Christmas music playing in the background. Unfortunately, Christmas as well as most of the holidays, was not celebrated at our house.

Once I got married I vowed to decorate and celebrate for Christmas every year. Christmas season would draw near and I could feel a childlike excitement well up within me. I enjoyed decorating and celebrating year after year. I loved Christmas!

Life has a way of sucking the joy right out of you if you let it, and that is what I have done (let it). I lost that childlike Christmas excitement. I have barely decorated for the past seven years and I have only celebrated the holiday out of obligation. Honestly, I forgot about the true meaning of Christmas.

Recently during my one-on-one time with God I was reminded that Christmas is a celebration of the greatest gift of all, Jesus. Christmas is a celebration of love and of life and there is much life that should be celebrated in our home, not only at Christmas time but each and every day.

Christmas is a celebration of love and of life and I am looking forward to celebrating an old fashioned Christmas with friends and family this year. Thanks to God, that childlike excitement has returned!

Let’s spread the joy of Christmas!

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P.S. I recently purchased an inexpensive Christmas tree and I am excited to decorate it!