Living in Regret

I am not sure if it is human nature or just the way I am wired, but I have a tendency of taking the negative out of tough situations and dwelling on it instead of the positive aspects.

For example; I had a successful career and after about 20 years with the company I decided I wanted to try a slightly different field of work. This decision was not made in hast but I analyzed the pros and cons for over a year before making the decision. My thoughts at the time were that I would regret not trying and would always wonder “what if” so that is what I did.

Needless to say the new career path did not work out, and that is when I let regret take over my life. I have spent the past few years regretting this career move and have focused so much time, energy and thought on this regret that I have been blinded to all of the positive aspects of taking a chance.

I have let this regret take over my life and not in a good way either. I need to stop living in the past and move forward. I have never been much of a risk taker; I took one and landed on my face. It is way past time for me to pick myself up, dust myself off and use what I learned to move forward.

The decision to change careers and it not turning out the way that I thought it would, has actually been a time of much growth. I just did not realize it until now because of my focus on the negative instead of the positive. I hope to share some of these growing pains with you in upcoming posts.

If you have been living in regret I hope this post is of help. It’s time to close that chapter of life and start a new happier, healthier chapter.

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Update: I have been working diligently every day to focus on the silver lining (so to speak) of my day and it is making a positive difference. Instead of focusing on what I do not have or what I cannot do I am trying to be more focused on what I do have and what I can do.

Stop Focusing on what you Don’t Have

I have been even more down in the back than usual for the past couple of weeks. Unfortunately my inability to get around has caused me to get “into my head” way too much. Needless to say, this has caused me to be extremely depressed.

I know that one’s mood; attitude… is a direct reflection on what one is focused on, I also know that I need to think about what I am thinking about and shift my thinking into a more positive direction. I know what to do, so why am I not doing it?

Knowing something and doing it are two different things and I am not sure why I struggle so much with the “doing” part. Honestly I think I spend too much of my time focusing on what I do not have verses focusing on what I do have.

I have spent the past few years too focused on what I can no longer do because of my back and issues related to this problem. When I should be more focused on what I can do and so many other things that God has blessed me with.

My exercise for the next seven days is to list and think about what I do have (can do) verses what I do not have or can no longer do.

Today’s list is as follows:

  • I may not be able to take the long walks I used to enjoy but I can still walk.
  • It may take me 50% longer to get stuff done (around the house, shopping…) but I can still do most of them.
  • My inability to be up and doing all the time has caused me to spend more time exploring other options for self-growth (i.e., my online business).

I know, and I need to start focusing on, that I am walking through this (no pun intended) for a reason and I believe with all my heart that God will turn what seems like something bad into an amazing blessing.

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Failed Again!

It has been a while since my last post. Why? Well because I have been busy beating myself up (emotionally).

I failed again and started smoking. I cannot blame anyone but myself. I do not know why I struggle so much with this habit/addiction. I hate it and yet I continue to do it!

It is what it is and I need to stop focusing on my failures and start focusing more on my successes.

I am trying really hard to stop myself (when I realize what I am doing) from thinking about the negative and change my thought process to something more positive.

I know there is a lot more positive in my life then negative so why do I seem to put so much focus on the negative? I really, really need to work on this.

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My Kind of Therapy

With all the changes lately (quit smoking, plant based diet…) there are days I feel like I am going nuts. I have a lot of nervous energy. In my attempt to harness some of this energy, I have started sewing again. I have not really sewn a lot over the years, even though I used to really enjoy it when I was young.

What I am finding out is that sewing is therapeutic, at least for me. Not only does it tap into my creative side, sewing also keeps me busy and is productive. I have even started selling some of my creations in my Etsy shop (RockenCo)

I really like the baby bandanas and have been asked to start making these for fur babies as well. My most recent attempt at sewing/quilting is the mug rug pictured in the introduction and below. I really enjoyed the cutting out and sewing of this project and plan to do more of these cute rugs. I have not decided yet if I should put them in my Etsy shop. What do you think – should I?

I have been trying different activities; drawing, bead work, crochet… in hopes of finding something to lift my mood/spirit and I do believe that, at least for now, sewing is my kind of therapy.

What do you do to help ease stress, depression or whatever puts you in a funk?

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